Let's Get Social! Bling Crush Social Guidelines

Ebonie Nikole Seals
3 min readOct 10, 2020


Social Media Best Practice Guide for Bling Crush:

We are super excited to have you join the Crush Crew! As a Social Media specialist for Bling Crush Inc, it is imperative that you review our Best Practices for publishing on our Social Media pages. Bling Crush is a “bold & colorful” company, and we pride ourselves in maintaining a close connection with each one of our clients and followers. Please review our Best Practices Guide below and provide your signature for compliance. We appreciate you and are excited that you have joined our team.

1. Always Maintain Professionalism:

· Ensure clients and followers are treated with the utmost respect. Ensure you remain helpful to them as they voice their concerns.

· In the event of an escalated situation, thank the customer for their time and expeditiously transfer the client to a Supervisor.

· Do not use profanity in any transmissions (verbal or written).

· Maintain a happy aura when communicating with followers. Kindness can be sensed through all media.

2. Responsiveness:

· Respond to all comments, messages, and DM’s within 24 hours.

· Exceptions for the 24-hour rule is made for conflict resolution.

3. Content:

· Bling Crush Inc uses the following platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Ensure that an intense study of each platform is fully understood. Social Media Specialist should differentiate which types of post fit better with its corresponding social media platform.

· UGC (User Generated Content) is authorized however, BEFORE submission, a Supervisor must assign an approval code before posting to the company pages.

· Ensure that the company post promotes engagement by using the CALL TO ACTION option on posts. Social Media Specialists are also authorized to utilize polls and other thought-provoking calls to action standards in order to achieve follower engagement.

· SHARE company content on personal pages is authorized and encouraged. Although not mandatory, sharing events and other company news is a great way to show your skills to your own following. (Also, this may be a great way to test a post out before going live.)

· All posts must include the Bling Crush Identifier. Either @BlingCrushInc or #BlingCrush.Inc. Critical for follow on shares of content.

4. Prohibited Social Media Practices:

· Under no circumstances should profanity be used in any of our social media posts, videos, or promotions.

· Do not use ANY images that may be misconstrued as a negative, discriminative, or hateful image.

· When communicating with followers or customers, do not use any Profanity during or AFTER the conversation.

· Do not share any events currently in the PLANNING process. Only release, create and share events that have been authorized to share. Additionally, do not share any “trade secrets” that may jeopardize the Brand in any way.

· If there is EVER an issue with management, a follower, or customer, do not vent frustrations on your social media personal page. Screenshots are like breadcrumbs that can lead back to you.

5. Understand Intellectual Property Guidelines:

· Ensure all images that you upload are created and owned by YOU, or you have the authorization for use.

· Ensure all credit is given for client photos being used in postings. For Clients’ personal pictures to be used, we must have a release form on file. Electronic files are authorized.

Once again, welcome to the Crush Crew Social Media Squad for Bling Crush!


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